Click HERE and sign up as an artist. Please disregard the details on costs for displaying. When the final confirmation info is sent out you'll have the option to let us know if you intend to only do live work at the show.

There’s not one. We accept artists until the show is full. This varies from city to city and show to show but averages to be about 1-2 weeks before the show date.

We do not charge for live painting or body painting.

No, not as a body painter or live artist; however, if you wish to charge for your work please contact us for additional information.

Please bring your all of your supplies (including a dropcloth, easel, etc). All materials must be odor free.

Most body painters provide their own models. If you don’t have one we recommend that you post images and a comment of what you need on the show’s event link.

Plan on arriving when the show starts or a couple mintues before.

HECK NO! You’ll be on the guestlist for free entry.

Sorry, but we do not give +1’s for the show. This includes any assistants.