Pancakes & Booze Event Photograph List

You'll note that most of these are low quality, cellphone images...that's why you're here:) The images below are samples of what we'd like to receive from you. Outside of this small set of preferences, there are no other requirements that haven't previously been discussed. Please let your creativity run rampant as much as you can.

Since a majority of the photos you'll be allowing us to use will be shared on social media and in our promotional materials, we prefer that images be taken horizontally (landscape) whenever possible. We understand that this can restrict some of your creativity, so we don't mind some vertical (portrait) images, but please try to keep most of the photos horizontal. 

Editing, color correction, etc. will be done in house to ensure uniformity throughout the images.


These images should convey an overall feel of the event. Wide angle/panoramic/fish eye photographs are perfect for this. Ideal times for these photographs would be about 1 hour & 30 minutes after doors open or when the venue is full/max capacity. This timeframe can vary at every event. 

Live Painting & Body Painting

These images can be taken at any point throughout the evening. We book body painters for every event, but they do not always show up. If this happens in your city, don't worry about it. Just capture what you can of the live artists and the rest of the show.

Pancakes & Drinks

We want to capture the feel and fun of the pancakes during the event. These can be taken at any point throughout the evening. We do suggest earlier rather than later (or even before it starts) to get some of these images. As the show progresses, the pancake station will typically get pretty dirty making it difficult to get nice, clean photograph.

DJs & Performers

This is pretty self explanatory, but these live action shots really capture a great aspect of the event. Most shows have 3 DJs performing throughout the night.


This isn't a requirement, but if your camera is able to record video feel free to film a bit throughout the evening. We do use small clips in some of the promotional videos we put out.