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There’s no final deadline for submissions. We accept art until the show is full. This varies from city to city and show to show but averages to be about 1-2 weeks before the show date.

You'll need to display between 3-10 pieces for the show.

In most cities our walls are 4f wide by 8f tall; there are exceptions to this in certain locations, and will be noted in the information you receive after your submission is accepted.

We do provide lights over the walls the art is hung on.

There's a $15 hanging contribution for EACH piece you display in the gallery space. This helps us cover the costs of the show (venue, music, security, free pancake bar, wall repairs, hanging supplies, staff, etc).

Your hanging contribution is due when you arrive for installation. At this time we accept cash only. Receipts are available upon request.


Nope. We take ZERO commission on sales so you'll pocket 100% of everything you sell.

You do. We believe that cutting us out of the sales equation creates a connection between the artist and the buyer that wouldn't otherwise be present. That said, we're always available to act on your behalf if needed. If we do, we will accept cash only. We will still take NO COMMISSION ON SALES and will give you 100% of your earnings at the end of the event.

You are welcome to accept any form of payment you choose; however, for the sake of convenience we recommend a payment app (Venmo, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Square Cash, etc.) or credit card readers for your phone.

They definitely can. If they do, you’re welcome to replace the work on the walls with another piece of art of equal or lesser size. There is NO EXTRA FEE to do this.

Yes, we ask that you sell your prints from a print rack, box, bin, or crate where your art is displayed.

Tables are reserved for vendors only; however you can sell your prints from a tv tray-sized table or a bar stool if absolutely necessary.


Installation of your work will be the day of the show (1st day of the show for 2 day shows) (most likely from noon - 5pm).

Bring your art and payment for your work. We supply all the tools necessary for hanging (screws, screw guns, etc.). Hammers and nails are NOT allowed to be used for hanging.

We prefer that your work be wired, but we can work with most other types of hanging options. Stretched canvas pieces are ok without being wired.

Nope. We supply all the tools necessary for hanging. You're welcome to bring your own screw gun if you'd like to, but it isn't required. Hammers and nails ARE NOT allowed to be used for hanging.

Take home is immediately after the show. There is NO exception to this as we do not have access to the venue once we leave.

It’s totally up to you but we recommend the following:

  • Title of Work
  • Artist Name
  • Price of Work
  • Contact Info* (Phone Number or Email Address)
  • *If you are accepting payments via apps include which one(s) and your username.

In most cases you do; however, P&B staff will be around to assist as needed. Certain cities are an exception to this and details will be noted in the emails for the show. *Please note that this is a salon style show, thus not all work is hung at eye level.*

HECK NO! You’ll be on the guestlist for free entry.

Sorry, but we do not give +1’s for the show. This includes any assistants.