San Francisco Artist Confirmation

Please read though the info below and confirm your number of pieces & participation at the bottom of the page. 

Artwork Installation Info: 
*Installation is the DAY OF the show* 
Saturday, August 27
12 Noon - 5pm
*All work must be taken home Saturday night.  More details below*

Venue Info: 
444 Jessie St
San Francisco, CA 94103

Details about the show: 
• You'll need to install your artwork between Noon - 5pm on the DAY OF the event. We're expecting the walls to be full so please arrive early. Do not wait until the last minute! We always do our best to make sure your work is hung together, but please understand that arriving later in this time frame can result in us being forced to spread your work around the venue. 

• For fast and secure hanging we prefer that all artwork be WIRED for hanging! (THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR PIECES IN SMALL FRAMES!) This saves an enormous amount of time during the hanging process. The only exception to this rule is stretched canvas works.  We'll have all the tools and materials needed (nails, screws, screw guns, etc.) to hang the work, but please feel free to bring your own if you have them. 

• 100% of sales are yours to keep. I take NO commission. You are welcome to price and sell your artwork. I leave the creativity of TITLE CARDS up to the artist (you). Please provide your own and bring them with you when you drop off your artwork. At a show this size, having your phone number somewhere near your work makes selling easier and gives potential buyers your info if they aren’t prepared to buy at the event. I'll be available to sell work and answer questions, but it always helps to have the artist’s contact info listed. If I make a sale in your absence I will give you cash when you pick up your work at the end of the night.

I also recommend using PayPal or Square for instant payment and credit card transactions. It’s free to sign up and both are great tools in finalizing non-cash sales. 

•You're welcome to sell prints from a small bin/box near your work at no additional charge.  We prefer that the bins be kept on the ground, but a small, tv tray sized table is acceptable. 

• All work MUST to be taken home with you after the show SATURDAY night! Anytime after 12 midnight is usually fine, but it depends on the size of the crowd at the time and what your schedule is. Ultimately, it’s up to you when you take down your artwork. Pancakes & Booze Art Show nor the venue ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LEFT ART! All leftover artwork will be thrown away by the venue on Sunday morning so please DO NOT leave without your work!  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this! 

• I ask that each artist contribute $15 for each piece they'd like to hang--for example, if you hang 3 pieces, that's a $45 contribution. Please bring your contribution with you when you arrive to install your work. I accept CASH ONLY. 

• All participating artists will be on the guest list for free entry. Everyone else will be asked to pay the cover charge at the door. Sorry, no assistants.

• Live painting and body painting set up begins at 6:30pm the day of the show. Please do not come earlier than this as we will not be ready for you.

• All participating painters, body painters & body paint models will be on the guest list for free entry. Everyone else will be asked to pay the cover charge at the door. Sorry, no assistants.