Vendor Set Up Info: 
6:30 PM on show day
*Please do not come earlier than this as we will not be ready for you*

Venue Info: 
Lot 613
613 Imperial St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Details & Specifics about the show: 
• I ask that each vendor bring your $150 contribution with you when you arrive to set up for the weekend. I accept CASH ONLY. 

• All participating vendors will be on the guest list for free entry. Everyone else will be asked to pay the $5 cover. Sorry, no assistants. 

• 100% of sales are yours to keep. I take NO commission.  I recommend using PayPal or Square for instant payment and credit card transactions. It’s free to sign up and both are great tools in finalizing non-cash sales. 

• You'll need to provide your own 6ft or smaller table, lights, extension cords, etc. 

• All work MUST to be taken home with you after the show BOTH nights! Anytime after 12 midnight is usually fine, but it depends on the size of the crowd at the time and what your schedule is. Ultimately, it’s up to you when you take down your artwork. Pancakes & Booze Art Show nor the venue ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING LEFT AT THE VENUE! All leftover items will be thrown away by the venue on Sunday morning so please DO NOT leave without your work!  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this!